A Battle of Two Pubs - Father's Day Weekend

What once was two has come to you. We've done the work your feet deny. Come hence once more an beers you'll try. For ales as these you'll seldom buy. In lieu of gifts devote your time alongside your tribe. Guide here one's padre in appreciation. And sing his praise in salutation, tis his day so to you we'll come for compensation.

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BAR (Barrel Aged Release) Party

This May 20th will be the 2nd iteration of our annual Barrel Aged Beer Party, and this year promises to be just as epic as the last. We will be offering a veritable assortment of stellar barrel-aged offerings. We will have live music and special tappings starting at 3pm.

(512) Brewing Company Cabernet Barrel Aged Tripel

Austin Beerworks Midnight Swordfight

Blue Owl Brewing Barrel-Aged Little Boss with Youpon Green Tea and Saaz

Community Beer Company Barrel Aged Legion

Deep Ellum Numb Comfort

Hops and Grain Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter Culture with Raspberries

Independence Brewing Co. Barrel Aged Convict Hill

Lakewood Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Temptress

Martin House River Horse

No Label Brewing Perpetual Peace

Pinthouse Pizza Jaguar Shark

Real Ale Four Horsemen

Real Ale Magnum Trux

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Aged Dr. Brown

Timed Tappings

3:00pm Jester King Funk Metal

3:30pm Blue Owl Bourbon Barrel-Aged Van Dayum (with Tart Cherries)

4:00pm Red Horn Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Suburban Ninja

4:30pm Ranger Creek Small Batch #12: Rye Whiskey Rye Saison

5:00pm (512) Gin Barrel Wit

5:30pm Real Ale Codex Triplex 2015

6:00pm Last Stand Whiskey Barrel Double IPA

6:30pm Saint Arnold BB13: BBA Quad (Woodford Reserve)

7:00pm Oddwood Saison 2015 (Batch 3)

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Don't worry it is free to get in


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