Buffalo Bayou

BB_Comrade Cowbell.jpg

Comrade Cowbell ‣

Resinous pine and bright cherry play battle with the soft toffee sweetness. The complex malt body is dry hopped to balance bitter and juicy into a satisfying clean/smooth finish.


Figaro ‣

Figs contribute a rich, round earthiness to the malt’s dark fruit & raisin flavors, singing bass while the traditional Belgian quad yeast strain peppers in spicy, light fruit flavors.

BB_Thin Mint.jpg

Thin Mint Stout ‣

Bright, invigorating aromatics of fresh mint greet your nose. Chocolate follows secondary from the roasty stout base. The mint and cocoa retain their presence throughout the palate with a strong backbone to hold the mint up.

BB_Peach Rotundone.jpg

Rotundone (Peach) ‣

A peach punch in the nose & a savory, effervescent bubbly prickle on the tongue. As it warms, you’ll start to pick up a peppery spiciness on the nose and in the bright, bone dry finish.

BB_Rasp Rotundone.jpg

Rotundone (Raspberry) ‣

Raspberry followed by peppery spiciness on the nose with a bright, bone dry finish.

BB_Trop Rotundone.jpg

Rotundone (Tropical) ‣

A juicy fruit rollup of passion fruit, mango, and hibiscus. Green and pink peppercorns round off the savory finish. The hops lend a strong citrus nose and the yeast’s effervescent bubbles prickle the tongue for a dry finish.

BB_Turt Murder.jpg

Turtle Murder ‣

Brace yourself for liquid carnage. It starts with pecans on the nose, followed by a rich mouthfeel of caramel, chocolate and peanut butter and ends with a smooth vanilla finish.


Collective Brewing Project

CBP_Brett Smashy.jpg

Brett Smashy ‣

Part of a series of SMaSH IPA's refermented with Brett. Funky, Fresh, Hoppy, Deliscious.


Petite Golden Sour ‣

Brewed with Brettanomyces bruxelensis var. Drei. It's petite. It's golden. It's sour.

CBP_Susp Deli.jpg

Suspisious Deliscious ‣

100% Brett Fermented Oak-Aged Amber Saison.


Hops & Grain

HG_Volumes of Oak.jpg

Volumes of Oak ‣

Bright nose with a definite tartness: taste of lemon meringue pie with just a hint of funkiness. Lots of oak layered in from aging in a foeder.


Jester King

JK_MAd meg.jpg

Add an item ‣

Brewed from relatively simple, straightforward ingredients, Mad Meg is golden colored and quite strong, at over 9% ABV. Its palate intertwines delicate farmhouse esters with earthy, spicy hops and clean malt flavors.


Part & Parcel ‣

Made from just well water, Texas barley, hops, yeast, and bacteria. The first beer in modern history brewed with 100% Texas grown and malted grain.


Serrata ‣

A heavy spelt grist provides a nice full body and the subtle addition of shiso leaf, steeped in the wort as a tea, created a soft tannic character and added notes of white flowers and coconut flesh.


Autumnal Dichotomous ‣

A farmhouse ale brewed with grilled pumpkin, fig leaves, wood sorrel, and horehound.


El Cedro ‣

Farmhouse ale hopped with piney, citrusy American hops, aged on Spanish Cedar spirals, and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces yeast. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and naturally conditioned

JK_Cerveza Mesquite.jpg

Cerveza de Mesquite ‣

A farmhouse ale brewed with mesquite beans foraged from the Texas Hill Country. Fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast, and native bacteria.

JK_Commercial Suicide.jpg

Commercial Suicide ‣

English pub ale meets the French farmhouse tradition and American oak aging in this dry, drinkable farmhouse mild ale. Full-flavored, but brewed with enough restraint to be highly sessionable. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally conditioned.


Figlet ‣

Collaboration with Franklin Barbecue. Farmhouse Ale refermented with smoked Texas figs.


Add an item ‣

Gotlandsdricka, meaning “Drink of the Land of Goths”, is believed to have been the beer of the Vikings. A rendition of this ancient style is inspired by the traditional farmhouse ales once brewed on the island of Gotland, off the coast of Sweden. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and...

JK_Simple Means.jpg

Simple Means ‣

Brewed with unfiltered, raw, Hill Country well water, malted barley, smoked malted barley, and hops. It was fermented with a mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria in stainless steel for about two months. It was then 100% naturally conditioned through refermentation in the...


Ranger Creek

RC_Straw Milk Stout.jpg

Imperial Strawberry Milk Stout ‣

This specialty bomber is a strong version of a popular seasonal with the addition of 300 pounds of coconut and Mexican Vanilla Bean. With over 500 pounds of hand cut Poteet, TX strawberries added during the brew. They combine with the milk stout's rich, sweet, creamy chocolate flavors for a delicious dark beer that's unique and local.


Real Ale

RA_Black Quad.jpg

Black Quad ‣

A bounty of dried fruits, subtle roastiness, and a surprisingly dry finish combine for an ale of delicious dark complexity. All of this is complimented by the spiciness and fruit character provided by a house Belgian yeast strain.


Commissar ‣

A Russian Imperial Stout with big a deep flavors. Colossal additions of American hops are used to balance the robust malt character and infuse this ale with their distinctly citrus-like qualities.


Nomad ‣

Deep and complex with German noble hops, Belgian yeast, and American hops. Everything comes together to deliver spice and clove with a herbal citrus and a bright tropical finish.


Phoenixx ‣

Deep amber in color, Phoenixx delivers subtle notes of toffee and caramel, characteristic of traditional English Crystal malt. Yet with this ale, it’s all about the hops

RA_Real Heavy.jpg

Real Heavy ‣

A take on the Wee Heavy style brewed with English Crystal malt, English hops, and fermented with a house English ale yeast, resulting in a rich brown color and a toffee accented malt character.

RA_Red King.jpg

Red King ‣

A deep crimson ale, this Imperial Red is packed with American hops against an English malt backbone. Sweet upfront with a dry and resiouns bite on the back end.

RA_3 Lions.jpg

Three Lions ‣

An Imperial IPA dons a helm of copper color with subtle toffee notes, but this ale is all about the hops. Its pronounced hop character is provided by two huge dry hop additions of Simcoe, Amarillo, and the newcomer Lemondrop.


Mysterium Verum: Scotts Gone Wild ‣

Real Heavy, a strong scotch ale, was aged for 6 months in American oak barrels, during which time it underwent a dramatic refermentation due to the presence of a very special cocktail of wild yeast and bacteria. The end result is a dry, cherry-pie sour, with a subtle oak character and a bold tartness


Mysterium Verum: Codex Triplex ‣

WT3F?! with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis and Lactobacillus Delbruekii.


Saint Arnold


Divine Reserve 18 ‣

This beer pours a rich darkness topped with a mocha colored head. The aroma is filled with molasses, vanilla, baker’s chocolate, and rich dark fruit from house yeast. The flavor profile starts with rich chocolate and raspberries that are dipped in honey, then builds on dried dark cherry notes, and finishes with wine like silkiness.


Edeavour ‣

A deep amber colored beer with a creamy head and a nose that starts with notes of citrus and fades into peach. A perfect blend of 2-row and hop character from Columbus, Simcoe, and Centennial keep the peach flavor rolling to the finish.

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